Where Do You Knit?

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My obsession with knitting ebbs and flows with the seasons. During high season (October-April), when I am insanely busy rehearsing and concertizing with the Sarasota Orchestra, I need to knit as an escape. Because I am a performer, many people automatically assume I am a “people person”. Far from it! I have many friends who findĀ groups and crowds of people energizing; they seem to feed off of the collective energy. I, on the other hand, find it draining to be around people – especially big groups of people – for any length of time over about 20 minutes.

So during season, if I’m not on stage in a rehearsal or concert, I’ll be backstage at Van Wezel or Neel or Symphony Center knitting something. It gives my mind the space I need to recharge while allowing me to socialize one-on-one when a colleague stops by to see what my latest project is. (It also keeps my fingers warmed up while on break!) If I’m home, chances are that I’m on my stationary bike, pedaling away while knitting. (I’ve learned that long scarves are dangerous on the bike – they tend to get caught and wrapped around the pedals if I’m not careful.) My current goalĀ is to “virtually” ride old Route 66 on my bike while knitting – I’m about halfway to the Santa Monica Pier that marks the end of the journey.

Outside of high season, my time belongs much more to me and I sometimes go days without knitting. Then I miss it and end up back at Picasso’s Moon, hanging out and knitting and spinning with whoever else drops by. It is funny, though, how the more I have to do, the more I get done. Somehow, when I feel like I have all the time in the world, I don’t do anything because I know there’s time. That’s why I’m really glad I volunteered to lead some KAL’s and write this blog for the store this summer.

Tell me – where do you knit?


getting ready for the yarnival….

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It is almost time to leave for lexi boeger’s “yarnival” in placerville, california.

we had such a great experience last year that we are so happy to be able to go back this year…..making purses with leather and handspun and of course the owls……almost at the 200 count….

we will get to spend time with all our spinning friends and spin under the big pink circus tent……and did i mention we will be surrounded by pear trees at boeger winery….

i will post while we are there and share pictures…..

going to start packing now…..shipping boxes have to go out by tomorrow…..

happy fibering….debra


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spinning yarn……..i have been knitting since i was 18, four years ago i started spinning….it is my new obsession….i spin every night and it takes me to my special place….i relax and unwind from my day at the shop…..starting to build my stock up of purses with leather and handspun for yarnival which is in july.
carmal will be at the shop today to learn more with her new country spinning wheel….it will be exciting to see her expand her horizon with the wheel…..come spin and knit with us any day

and remember anne will be here fri from 11 to 3 answering all your questions about chart reading and color knitting…..see you soon……