Today i am starting a new routine….i will post on my wordpress website everyday……

Hoping that i can follow through with this new goal…

This year has been so amazing…all the traveling teaching and exploring and just having a grand time in my crazy fiber world….

My homewares design collection has been very successful and loving creating in all natural colors……

and then i learned how to dye…..let’s just say i fell down a rabbit’s hole… much to learn….

the above picture is a preview of what is to come…i dyed the fiber and locks and then spun them into artyarn…….

I am back in Pennsylvania with my favorite couple:  Arlene and Damon Thayer…..Arlene and I will be playing with dyes and fiber with breaks of computer training…..My dad gave me a new laptop and I have discovered that I don’t know as much as I thought I did….lol


Tomorrow we will be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival…..besides being in fiber heaven and visiting all the livestock there will be a lot of great friends to find roaming around…..


We just completed our four sway fiber festival last weekend….It was so mind blowing….our teacher for the second year in a row was Suzy Brown, aka the woolwench………………..with Arlene Thayer aka the spin artiste, was her assistant…..they were great

it is so wonderful when the fiber community joins together for workshops… be in the same room with like-minded women is so inspirational………………….

have a great weekend……



this is one of my new weavin



this is one of my new weavings….i really love how all the colors worked together…..
i found that weaving with your handspun artyarn is a wonderful adventure in texture…and to think that it is really like sculpting with your hands with the fiber……

getting ready for a very creative, inspiring weekend retreat with two of my favorite fiber gals….kathy utts and angela territo….the fun begins on thursday when i jpick kathy up from the airport….



i just got back from going on a cruise with joe….what a way to start the new year….we had a great time and can’t wait to cruise again….
of course i took a small loom and my knitting……knitted at three different beaches and all over on the the ship….
i finished another stephen west shawl….”esjan”…..with yarn that i dyed myself
i just love his patterns…..
i am looking forward to 2015……i believe anything is possible and all will be grand…..
spinning….need to get back to the wheel
and need to start promoting the art yarn fiber festival in april….with suzy brown as our main headliner… exciting to have her for the second year in a row……







we are on our way to Clermont, Florida

i will be teaching “not about the loom” workshop….at the barnyarn, angela’s beautiful shop….in downtown clermont

walking into the barnyarn is like walking into a dreamy wonderland of color, texture…..

i am so excited with all the changes that have happened this past year….i feel so lucky and full of a lot of “free_spiriting” journeys….

spinning handspun artyarn and then applying these textural ropes in a weaving have become my most popular class known as “not about the loom”…..

i have moved my fiber/lair studio into the towles court pavilion…..i have gotten settled and feel like i am at home

the holidays are here and we have two grandbabies ….. my heart is so full



i am sitting here just getting my day going….i have been busy preparing for the jane thornley cadre in taos, in oct…. i love spinning handspun artyarn…i feel like a sculptor, spinning the fleece into yarn…i love to leave the integrity of lock when spinning, leaving the natural curves and twists and curls in place… …

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so…i am moving again…
my fiber path has taken me to this new journey of my life…i feel so good about all of it…
i still have my “thing”….knitting, spinning, weaving….
and now i to share in the saori weaver srq studio…..i am so happy and excited…
i will be in my new location by august 1, 2014…..
the events, workshops, and the creativity in the weaving studio will feed the souls…..
enjoy this path …….this journey……..this weave

My obsession with knitting ebbs and flows with the seasons. During high season (October-April), when I am insanely busy rehearsing and concertizing with the Sarasota Orchestra, I need to knit as an escape. Because I am a performer, many people automatically assume I am a “people person”. Far from it! I have many friends who find groups and crowds of people energizing; they seem to feed off of the collective energy. I, on the other hand, find it draining to be around people – especially big groups of people – for any length of time over about 20 minutes.

So during season, if I’m not on stage in a rehearsal or concert, I’ll be backstage at Van Wezel or Neel or Symphony Center knitting something. It gives my mind the space I need to recharge while allowing me to socialize one-on-one when a colleague stops by to see what my latest project is. (It also keeps my fingers warmed up while on break!) If I’m home, chances are that I’m on my stationary bike, pedaling away while knitting. (I’ve learned that long scarves are dangerous on the bike – they tend to get caught and wrapped around the pedals if I’m not careful.) My current goal is to “virtually” ride old Route 66 on my bike while knitting – I’m about halfway to the Santa Monica Pier that marks the end of the journey.

Outside of high season, my time belongs much more to me and I sometimes go days without knitting. Then I miss it and end up back at Picasso’s Moon, hanging out and knitting and spinning with whoever else drops by. It is funny, though, how the more I have to do, the more I get done. Somehow, when I feel like I have all the time in the world, I don’t do anything because I know there’s time. That’s why I’m really glad I volunteered to lead some KAL’s and write this blog for the store this summer.

Tell me – where do you knit?


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